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Tropical Ave
A Unique, 5 piece- Florida Band!

Located in Southwest Florida- Tropical Ave is patterned after the Tropical Bands you would find on South Beach and all around Miami! Performing Top 40 Dance, Latin, Island Music in addition to Motown, Classic Rock and Standards- always with a festive flair!                                Because of our versatile team, we can tailor our music to fit your Reception, Party, Festival or Event.
Always with the utmost in professionalism and courtesy!
We make it our job to visit your venue to ensure we bring the right equipment for your special day and look forward to discussing what your expectations are.  A timeline is drafted for your reception and ceremony and submitted for your approval prior to the wedding to make sure every detail is included and that the Reception is enjoyable for all who attend!

Tropical Ave makes sure to have proper pre-recorded music available for our breaks to keep your guests entertained and dancing!!!
We also "play well with others" and can coordinate with an outside Wedding Planner, Caterer, DJ or any other professionals you hire. 
One of the reasons Tropical Ave, receive referrals from several prestigious Wedding venues!!

Yacht & Country Club, Fundraisers, Special Events:
Like our wedding clients, we are just as committed to our Special Event, Yacht & Country Clubs and Fundraisers!  
Tropical Ave has been blessed to be "the" area band for many events that need a variety of music - from Standards to Today's Top 40 Hits! 
We have performed for the last 6 years for Mote Marine's Crystal Classic Fundraiser- Siesta Key Beach, were chosen by the Venice YMCA for their "Tropical Nights" event on Palm Island Resort,  have performed for the last 3 years for Wobbly Feet Foundation-Pasta Bar for a Cure,
and were selected the last 5 years to play at Dearborn Street Wine Walk- Fundraiser for Lemon Bay Arts Alliance!
After visiting the location prior to the event date, we draft a timeline so that we are prepared to perform the proper songs at the proper time.

Audience Participation:
Tropical Ave chooses music for any performance that is danceable and most often fun!! Our team of musicians tries it's level best to keep the dance floor full and the festivities festive!! We also encourage and invite your guests to play bongos and other percussion instruments on select songs- continuing to make your event even more memorable for your guests!!

We invite you  to speak with us about your event to see if we may be the right fit for you!!

  1. Jessica in action!
    Jessica in action!
  2. Jeff and Rhonda
    Jeff and Rhonda
  3. Meals on Wheels Fundraiser
    Meals on Wheels Fundraiser
  4. Beach Club
    Beach Club
  5. Rhonda at Beach Club
    Rhonda at Beach Club
  6. Lindsay with Bday Girl Rae and Percussion Alise!
    Lindsay with Bday Girl Rae and Percussion Alise!
  1. Siesta Key Crystal Classic
    Siesta Key Crystal Classic
  2. Meals On Wheels- Manatee
    Meals On Wheels- Manatee
  3. John @ Siesta Key Festival
    John @ Siesta Key Festival
  4. Rhonda & John
    Rhonda & John
  5. North Port 4th of July
    North Port 4th of July
  6. Riverwood GCC
    Riverwood GCC

A Five Piece Band (one female vocalist per event)
unless contracted as a 6 piece Group

Our Team

Jeff Hughes- Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals

As the leader of the band, Jeff takes care of all the details of booking, song selection,
logistics of setup and timelines for clients. He has a passion for performing and for making sure everyone is having a wonderful time.
Jeff got his start in Chicago in 1973 as a member of a full time band. At 14,  he played the biggest clubs in Chicago. He has performed in Miami Disco and Wedding bands, Milwaukee Wedding Bands, Jazz & Blues groups, Classic Rock & Country bands in the Midwest, along with a few Latin groups. For several years Jeff played hotel circuits in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. Feel free to discuss your upcoming event with him. 

Rhonda Brown-Hughes- Bass Guitar, Backing vocals

Rhonda is one of the founding members of Tropical Ave and her bass playing is a key element to the band's sound! She has a built in meter that anchors Tropical Ave in to the song's groove, which makes our band easy to dance to!!
She receives regular compliments from both touring & local musicians, as well as audience members! 

John Polis- Drums, Backing vocals

John is one of our most experienced members, having played in Wedding & Society events in the Washington DC area, numerous bands in Nashville and in Southwest Florida. He plays a wide variety of styles and is known in our area as a "Drummer's drummer"! 
With John, it's all about the groove in the song. His tempos are near perfect for each tune and all make for a great dancing experience. His specialty is funky R&B music styles, but he is also a great Latin, Reggae & Rock drummer. We are very fortunate to have a drummer like John! He will keep you and your guests dancing, all night long!

Jessica Pignotti - Lead Vocals 

Jessica is an extremely versatile vocalist with a huge tange of both notes and styles!!
Latin American heritage and bilingual, Jessica excels on our Latin tunes singing in both English and Spanish. Unique to Jessica is her ability to perform R&B and Soul with such authenticity! Our audience can tell that those styles of music hold a special place in her heart.
She got her start singing with her Church Choir and soloing in Gospel music, as well as contemporary worship tunes. Whether it's an uptempo dance tune or the First Dance of the Bride and Groom, Jessica delivers both with equal passion!! 

Lindsay Hamilton- Lead Vocals 

Lindsay just joined Tropical Ave after relocating from Maine! She has played in a variety of special event. corporate and wedding bands, as well as Jazz trios!
Lindsay has showcased all original projects up in Portland and moved to Southwest Florida to pursue her music!

She has a very fun energy, soulful voice and is very comfortable performing on stage. 
Lindsay also brings a wide range of musical styles to Tropical Ave.

A very welcoming person- we think you will really like her voice and her personality!!

Jon Cuna - Lead Vocals, Keyboards & Spanish Guitar

Composer, accomplished vocalist, keyboard player and guitarist - Jon Cuna recently moved from New York to Sarasota. Tremendous musical versatility and strong, bilingual lead vocal make Jon an awesome member to have in Tropical Ave!

Check out Jon's original compositions (available for sale) on his website-

                  Uptown Funk- (Mark Ronson cover) Live at Hurricane Charley's  Feb 23, 2018

                  Havana- (Camila Cabello cover)  Live at Beach Club! January 5, 2018

Multi song demo from the Venice Beach Party, September 23, 2017!

For more information or for booking events call Jeff Hughes at 941-468-8068